Admittedly Frantisek was angling when the flounder descended on her. That isn't to say that she caught the flounder, pulled the petal or plucked the blossom; she'd categorically speaking lost her pluck, she'd been without pluck for the longest time, and still didn't catch on, didn't catch on the day, couldn't have pulled a petal nor plucked a blossom and certainly not one of the magnitude; Said blossom must have been preying on her - a pining petal, a looming bloom - no other approach gets to the bottom of it, it was the flounder personally, who caught Frantisek out. Giving credit where credit is due, vupti!, the flounder leapt into her lap.

*Frantisek Flounders, a prequel to Bubka 1st Instalment by Isabel Waidner by will be launched as part of the occasion.

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athanasios argianas, lisa blackman, rebecca bligh, samuel dowd,
clare gasson, ruth höflich,
rowena hughes, franziska lantz, patricia pinsker, florian roithmayr, miriam schiran, isabel waidner

1 Clare Gasson, Florian Roithmayr, Franziska Lanz, Isabel Waidner, 8fold
2 Franziska Lantz, fires are raging, installation and performance
3 Florian Roithmayr, Lectern no.2
4 Athanasios Argianas, Song Machine
5 readings by Lisa Blackman and Isabel Waidner
6 Frantisek Flounders
7 Ruth Höflich, daylight saving
8 Miriam Schiran, tattoo studio
9 Rebecca Bligh, reading
10 Clare Gasson, 5mhm, a song framed/live
11 Patricia Pinsker, Magic Mountain
12 Sam Dowd
13 Rowena Hughes

* Miriam Schiran's tattoo studio was held in the flat during the weekend. sessions were conducted in private.

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deskspace, 2014/15
a prequel a flat a title spread, 5 march 2011

prologue, 24 july 2010

The Arrow Maker
Frantisek Flounders
Bubka, 1st Instalment

unfolding breakers


observation is going on, in an individual movement involving those abstractions customarily
called human being and the object he is looking at

a prequel
a flat
a title spread





Der heruntergekommene Himmel war im Meer ersoffen, will sagen beider Eigenarten verschwammen
On the occasion the weather, the low pressure area, drowned flat out in the ocean.


8fold is an occasional small press






Saturday, 5 March
7 - 9.30 pm

the event took place in a residential flat in East London