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Bubka, 1st Instalment by Isabel Waidner
published in 2010 as a limited first edition, 40 pp, silkscreen & xerox, bound, 17 x 12 cm / £ 8.99

the mythical chapter Pelican Pilot appears as an accidental insert in some of the editions.


A deceptively slim volume, Bubka, The 1st Instalment creates a whole world, condensed to the size of a marble. Scrupulously adhering to an unorthodox logic, the plot revolves around spheres and circles, before, via triangles, spiralling out of control. The character Bubka, proprietor of a kiosk, and her customer Gotterbarm are beleaguered by what appears to be a group of aspiring actors, who mimic them to a more or less faithful degree. The ensuing episodes add up to an excess layer of symbolism, a non-verbal metalanguage, which not only threatens to take over the narrative of Bubka and Gotterbarm, but in return asks to be deciphered…

The novel Bubka is published by 8fold as a serialisation. Isabel Waidner is a writer based in London 

Bubka was launched as part of prologue



8fold is an occasional small press